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“Ripped: T-Shirts from the Underground”

Issey Miyake production process
Papier de Bonbon (crumpling and pressing technique), spring/ summer collection 1992
scan from Making Things


we reduce our intimacy by tricking ourselves. we change our language to make the fear of vulnerability go away. dating becomes “seeing” and “talking”. as if saying those words will make the love you feel inside disappear. commitment doesn’t happen to prevent the hurt when it doesn’t work out. we…



There was a mass demonstration that started in East Harlem in the fall of 1970. The protest was against police repression and we decided to join the demonstration with our STAR [Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries] banner. That was one of the first times the STAR banner was shown in public, where STAR was present as a group. I ended up meeting some of the Young Lords that day. I became one of them. Any time they needed any help, I was always there for the Young Lords. It was just the respect they gave us as human beings. They gave us a lot of respect. It was a fabulous feeling to be myself—being part of the Young Lords as a drag queen—and my organization [STAR] being part of the Young Lords.

I met [Black Panther Party leader] Huey Newton at the People’s Revolutionary Convention in Philadelphia in 1971. Huey decided we were part of the revolution—that we were a revolutionary people.

— Sylvia Rivera

Notice that the Young Lords and the Black Panther Party were better at trans inclusion in the 70’s than some “radicals” and “LGBT rights groups” are now. (via kinkykinkshamer)

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