think i might be happy
Mixpak FM - Air Max '97

From a steamy shower, to meeting your lover..damn I wanna write some poetry.


Sittin pretty

🔵Come Too ICEHAUS , We’ll Wreck Yah

Myself I Am Blessed Too Be , My Imagination And Innocence Of Young Dreams And Foreign Taboos Lie Under My CrysTal Kissed Skin , Call Him Sy’Rin . Mike Is The Exterior

Spiritually Incarcerated , And My Inner Sexual Deity Is The Last Of Forgotten Relics Of Artistic , Spontaneous Memories Of The Poetry That Is The ” ParTy ” .

Unlock Me From The Vapid Pattern Of The TYPICAL , And Crucify Me On A Cross Of Pure Possibilities . Tops Are Subject Too Denial …..


A masculine faggot is a simpleton. Or worse, is someone who takes pride in presenting as a moron. The hallmark of American masculinity is a demeanor cultivated to self-police against exhibiting idiosyncratic, eccentric, outwardly sensitive or analytical behavior. Regardless of innate cleverness or…

Prince Soft & Wet (Disco Mix)